working desk ath the ECT
ECT at work, tinkering and tampering with technology.

Whether it concerns virtual reality, motion capture, sensors, sound design, robots or 3D printers: technological developments make new forms of art creation and experience possible. The Centre for Creative Technology (ECT) examines these developments, outlines possibilities and shares knowledge and experience in the field of technology in relation to art and creativity.

Technology enriches the arts

In this way we stimulate the formation of multidisciplinary work relationships, we show in which ways technology can permanently enrich the arts and we ensure that HKU remains at the forefront of cutting edge facilities and workshops. The center also supports and advises on the purchase and maintenance of machines and materials for the workshops.

The technology, knowledge and methods available within the Center for Creative Technology have been realized through the integration of three technological labs: the Media and Performance Lab (MAPLAB), a Fabrication lab (FABLAB) together with Protospace and the Sonic Interaction Lab (SiLAB).